In-Depth Look at the Black Bull Slot Machine

In today’s rodeos, bull riding stands out as one of the most exciting events to watch. Even though few would want to be in the same pen as one of these beasts, daredevils nevertheless try to ride them for as long as possible without being bucked off. It takes a special sort of individual to want to ride one of those animals since some of them can buck quite good. Black Bull is a Pragmatic Play online slot machine, thus only a specific type of individual will want to play it. Wild creatures, picturesque settings, and a bonus round where you may collect symbols worth money characterize this American-themed nature game.

Black Bull’s features and mechanics are largely identical to those of Pragmatic Play’s slot Treasure Wild, so anyone familiar with that game should feel right at home here. Thematically, Black Bull is all about the American prairie and the Wild West. Black Bull’s layout should seem natural if you’re used to games like Wolf Gold. A grid of five reels, four rows, and twenty paylines has been set up in a prairie/desert setting, complete with birdsong and a blazing sunset/rise. It’s all very standard fare, but the rock-infused music in Black Bull is definitely the film’s best feature.

Black Bull is rated as “Very Volatile” (4 out of 5) by Pragmatic Play, which makes sense given the inherent danger of riding a bucking bull. Depending on the state of the market, the RTP might be anywhere from 96.51% to 94.24%. Bets range from 20 percent to 100 pounds or euros, and gamers may use any gadget they choose to “hang on” to the digital bull.

One of Black Bull’s best features is its progressive nature, which makes collecting money symbols even more exciting during free plays. Line wins, which consist of three to five identical symbols, are the other method of coin extraction till then. From the leftmost reel, any two adjacent pay symbols will trigger a payout. First up are royal flushes, which pay out 2 times the original wager for a five-of-a-kind Jack through Ace hand. After these signs, the lizard, horned beast, eagle, wolf, and black bull signify the highest value. A premium win of five of a kind pays off between four and twenty-five times the initial wager.

Slot Functions in Black Bull

The wild and the money symbol are two more significant icons in Black Bull. When money symbols appear, they might be worth anywhere from half to fifty times the wager. When wild symbols appear with monetary values, the values are tallied. Each wild sign in view will accumulate the total value of all monetary symbols. Wilds are not only worth the bull premium when they complete winning wild lines, but they also double the payout of any other pay symbol they replace.

No Risk Turns

Free games are awarded in increments of 6 for landing 6-11 money symbols, 8 for landing 12-17 money symbols, and 10 for landing 18-20 money symbols. All of the values from the money symbols that triggered the free spins bonus are tallied before the round begins, and this serves as the initial seed value for the progressive bonus.

During the round, the value of any money symbols that land will be added to the total, and any wilds that appear will award the total amount gathered thus far. Also, during the bonus round, you’ll receive an extra two free spins for every six cash symbols that appear.

Players can opt to buy free spins at the cost of 75 times their bet if they would rather not wait for 6+ money symbols to appear on their own. When you buy spins, the RTP goes up to 96.69%.

Judgment of the Slotted Bull

When compared to Treasure Wild, which was disappointing in many ways, Black Bull is an improvement. The high-paying animal symbols aren’t the only reason Black Bull is more exciting. Even if the theme is rather overused, Pragmatic Play has done a good job incorporating it into their slot machine. The visuals are adequate, but the soundtrack is what really made the experience memorable. Simply closing your eyes will transport you to a July 4th celebration complete with sizzling steaks, root beer floats, distant fireworks, and the waving of Old Glory in the warm July air. Sure enough, it’s American to me.

If you mute Black Bull, you’ll quickly see that its gameplay isn’t really robust. The main game is played by collecting symbols depicting money, but the progressive element causes things to heat up during free spins. Having a nice sum of money in the pot, to be distributed at random whenever a wild symbol appears, may be fun. Black Bull, like the preceding slot machine, Treasure Wild, offers a maximum payout of 4,500 times the initial wager. In contrast, Black Bull’s maximum win probability is only 1 in 1,140,698.

Those aren’t terrible odds, especially when compared to the majority of the field. The return to player percentage and other numbers for Black Bull are also good. For the right audience, this has the makings of a good time, what with the catchy melodies and the soothing sights. Black Bull might be appealing to gamers who are looking for an alternative to Big Bass Bonanza or who have had enough fish games because Pragmatic Play made greater use of the features this time around.

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